Tinder Social Goes Beyond Dating: Here's How to Use It

Andy Warhol once said "Two's a crowd and three's a party," and it appears that dating app Tinder wants to become the latest party starter. The dating service has launched Tinder Social, a new feature that aims to connect groups of friends.

Image: Shutterstock / Rawpixel.comImage: Shutterstock / Rawpixel.com
Tinder Social isn't available immediately upon downloading, but we unlocked it by restarting the program using the app switcher in iOS (the feature is available on both Android and iOS). Once you unlock Tinder Social, you pick up to three people (your Facebook friends who also unlocked Tinder Social) to "go out with." Now, you're swiping as a collective, and matches occur when one person in each group swipes right on another group.

So, why did Tinder introduce this feature? The most PG-rated possibility is that the service wants to make it easier for social circles to grow, as its announcement claims "It’s all about going out with friends and making new ones." That same announcement contains hints of something more, though, noting "sometimes you want more than a party of two."

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This is how Tinder previews Tinder Social. Image: TinderThis is how Tinder previews Tinder Social. Image: Tinder

Polyamorous dating apps 3nder and Mixxxer don't seem to be huge successes, but maybe Tinder received enough requests for this kind of option that it built the feature. Groups may be a way to keep couples using Tinder after they've already started a relationship, but want an easy way to introduce additional partners.

Tinder Social doesn't require you to be in a group in order to meet others, as singles come across multiple-person profiles while swiping on their own.

This is what Tinder Social actually looks like.This is what Tinder Social actually looks like.

Expect to hear about more advancements in online dating from Tinder in the future, as it claims "this is just our first step in building up the tools to ignite your social life."

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