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Tom's Guide to Time Tracking Tools

Tom's Guide to Time Tracking Tools

Knowing how you spend your time is the key to gaining control over it. For those that make a living by billing at hourly rates, time tracking is a business-critical function. For productivity junkies, it’s the lifeblood of their existence. Sure, you could use a stopwatch and spreadsheet if you want, but there are more accurate (and fun) ways to track the time you spend.

In fact, there are a large number of different types of software online and offline that claim to help users track their time. Some tools are focused on time sheets and billing while others are more whimsical in nature.

In this review, we’ll look at a number of software tools designed to help you to see where you spend your time. Our focus will be the time tracking element itself (as opposed to billing integration), while all the tools we look at are either free or have free trial versions that anyone can try out.

Tools reviewed will include :Time Tracker, AllNetic Working Time Tracker, Personal Time Tracker, TimeTracker for Firefox, MeeTimer, Slife, TimeSnapper and Rescue