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Circular Bookcase Doubles as Reading Nook

Only bookworms could find the library enjoyable. To everyone else, they're musty tombs filled with dust mites and nosy librarians. If only you could replace those monolithic shelves with something more comfortable, like this circular bookshelf by designer Thomas Mills.

Aside from being a rather stylish place to store your paperbacks, this bookcase doubles as a comfortable reading nook. It's got two padded seats on the inner rim of the circle, and you can gently rock the whole thing while reading. Reading lights are located on the upper portion of the cradle, while the outermost ring of shelves have lights which change brightness depending on the time of day.

It sounds like the kind of thing that both book lovers and casual readers can both enjoy. It'll cost you though: this recliner-bookshelf hybrid will set you back about $9,600 if your purchase it from Mills. On second thought, maybe the library is a better option.

[source: ifsodoso via Yanko Design]