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The World's Best Gaming Notebook?


What is the world's largest PC OEM's best gaming notebook? What is the most powerful notebook out there, period? Dell's Inspiron XPS Gen 2 notebook offers nothing less than superior 2D and 3D graphics performance compared to any other laptop we've seen to date. Need we also mention that the system offers far more horsepower than needed for office applications? Add to the accolades a sleek design and light weight, and you have what Dell is touting as its ultimate gaming notebook.

Everything comes at a price, though, but for $3,000 as tested, the Inspiron XPS Gen 2 delivers excellent value for those who hunger for extreme notebook performance.

In February, we were able to secure a preproduction version of the Dell XPS Gen 2 for the launch of NVIDIA's Go 6800 Ultra . As reported then, we were not able to fully test the system for several reasons. First, it was only one of four in existence then, and our testing time, to say the least, was limited.

Second, when we received the notebook, it was preloaded with benchmarking software and games. This made it impossible in the short time available to verify whether or not NVIDIA had tampered with the system to produce above normal results in the benchmarks. We were impressed, but never-the-less couldn't say whether or not it was the same system that Dell would sell to the average user upon its commercial launch. However, we can now say, yes, that system was the real deal and we have the results to prove it.