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Video Game 'The Wolf Among Us' Thrills and Chills

In 2012 Lee Everett and little Clementine won and broke the hearts of gamers worldwide as the lead characters in the video game "The Walking Dead." Now developer Telltale Games looks poised to do it again with the new game "The Wolf Among Us."

Fans of Telltale's "The Walking Dead" will find themselves in familiar territory: the game uses a similar art style to tell a story of complicated characters, unwinnable scenarios and heartbreaking choices.

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The two games also share comic book roots; "The Wolf Among Us" is based on the still-ongoing graphic novel "Fables" by Bill Willingham. In the game, players take the role of Bigby Wolf, a.k.a. the Big Bad Wolf, who can also take a human form. Bigby lives in New York City, where fairy tale characters secretly live alongside the unknowing "mundies," or normal people.

Newsarama, a sister site to Tom's Guide, loved the game. Editor Lucas Siegel writes:

"Minor control issues aside, this is everything I could want out of a 'Fables'game, everything I could want out of a point-and-click adventure, and does things I rarely get out of video games, period. 'The Wolf Among Us,' like 'The Walking Dead' before it, is an absolute must-play for gamers of all stripes."

"The Wolf Among Us" is an episodic game, meaning it's being released in five segments over the next several months (exact release dates have not been announced). The first episode, entitled "Faith," went live as a PC download from Steam on Oct. 11, where you can buy a season pass (all five episodes)  for $24.99.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions arrived Oct. 11 and Oct. 15 respectively, where prices are $4.99 per episode or bargain $14.99 for a season pass.

Read the full review at Newsarama, or just get the game on Steam.

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  • burmese_dude
    I'm sick of 100% cut scenes. Just show me actual game play and mix in just a bit of cut scenes.
  • ram1009
    The Walking Dead sucked IMHO so I expect more of the same here. Terrible graphics and completely unintuitive game play. You can spend hours trying to figure out what is expected of you next.
  • cobra5000
    ^^Then why don't you two dude's just go back to playing COD?
  • hitman40
    ram1009, if you severely disliked one of the best games, then I seriously doubt your opinion of this game is credible, although I'm not saying you are wrong.
  • alidan

    first off, this is a narrative heavy game, showing off story and parts that happen, not that bad of advertisement.

    that said, those arent cutscenes, that is the gameplay, you chose an action, and the game does it.