WinBook Offers 46" LCD HDTV for $1,299

Sound Quality

The sound quality during normal television dialogue was adequate; I did not notice anything too good or bad during normal viewing. Like most internal speaker systems found in flat panel displays, the sound of the 46D1 was on par with that of any other traditional television speaker: they perform adequately for dialog, but full music scores or any loud sound effects produce thin and harsh results.

PC Monitor

As with most other 1366x768 displays, I was not able to achieve 1:1 pixel mapping with the HDMI input - many video cards do not accommodate this resolution setting. I was able to use the VGA input and the results were similar to those of most other LCD displays, which is to say they were excellent. Text and graphics were tack sharp, and photographs were well-saturated with no glaring weaknesses. Surfing the web was a pleasure, and my gaming experiences were "super fun" as well. I did not notice any hint of motion blur during some fast-paced games, so the 8 ms response time of the 46D1 seemed to do its job quite well. Despite being more than twice the size of my regular monitor, I was amazed at how quickly I got used to a display of this size!


At a Glance
Product WinBook 46D1 46" LCD
Summary A large screen with good image quality for a very low price.
Pros o Good image quality
o Low Price for the size
o Excellent PC Monitor
Cons o Not 1080p resolution
o Limited advanced settings
o Fussy Remote

The WinBook 46D1 is an attractive display with good overall video quality. Resolution was very good, even though the 46D1 is not a 1080p model. Colors were well-saturated and accurate for the most part, and contrast performance was respectable, if not fantastic. There was a bit of signal noise, but not so much as to be considered a deal breaker.

There are no advanced image quality controls - such as individual color settings - which may be a limitation for some users who have a discriminating eye for overall image quality characteristics. Still, I was able to calibrate the 46D1 well enough to get a very good image for my tastes.

The best feature of the 46D1, however, is its price. Currently selling for $1299, the 46D1 is securely positioned at the bottom of the 46" LCD price range, and is an excellent choice if you value "screen size per dollar" over getting 1080p resolution.

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