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The Modular Approach: FIC MB05 Centrino Notebook

Notebook, Whitebook

Just a year ago it still was not possible for smaller PC retailers or resellers to offer customized notebooks with their own brands and service packages at a competitive price. But now, this has changed, as FIC's MB05 demonstrates. a Now, thanks to a new breed of notebooks, like FIC's MB05, a burgeoning whitebox - or in the case of notebooks, whitebook - market that offers dealers the chance to serve the burgeoning mobile computing market with attractive and competitive notebook solutions.

FIC's newest white box notebook - or whitebook - is based on a notebook barebone with an Intel Pentium M processor at its core, with clock speeds from 1.3 to 1.7 GHz. Intel also throws an 802.11b wireless LAN module into the i855GM chipset. If the retailer decides to use all three components at once, he can market his device under the "Centrino" label. Retailers can also purchase a corresponding service and support package along with the notebook. Taking care of service and support for the MB05 is the globally active service provider ComServe Network.

The chipset's memory controller hub features an integrated graphics core (82855GM) for graphics editing. There is thus no dedicated graphics chip as such, just as there is no additional video memory: the graphics subsystem shares it with system memory (maximum 64 MB). In marketing jargon this process is called Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT), while geeks call it shared memory.

As past tests have shown, it outperforms its reputation. While the user shouldn't expect any 3D wizardry, it's more than adequate for office apps and lunchtime gaming.