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The End of Snail Mail?

Email To Snail Mail

USPS Mailing Online

The U.S. Postal Service has at least two different options for sending outbound mail. One is for postcards called CardStore; the other is for letter mail and it’s operated by Click2Mail. Though both can be accessed via, they are two different and distinct services.

Sending cards from an online service is a useful service for birthdays and holidays, though the Click2Mail service has much broader applicability. It is clearly geared towards marketers and those who are sending direct mail types of solicitation. But while you can print single quantities, the service can also work for individuals trying to escape their paper cut phobia.

With USPS Click2Mail you can send a postcard, flyer, letter, booklet or even send certified mail.

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Diving into each of those options provides even more letter choices for envelope and paper stock. There are also, of course, the actual mail delivery options as well, ranging the gambit of what you’d expect from the U.S. Postal Service.

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In terms of content composition, you can either load up your own text from a Word document or use the online windows to manually input what you want to write. In limited testing, we found the online content inputting to be more cumbersome and difficult to use than it should be. Inserting images and placing them in the document is something the online editor doesn’t handle particularly well.

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  • AmieB
    I prefer using PostalMethods ( over the USPS website. They have email support and great Web Services.

  • There are various such services that allows you to send postal mails using internet visit