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The Cigarette Lighter MP3 Player: MP3onChannel


Millions are discovering the thrill of MP3 players, which let you take your music everywhere - that is, except in your car. Until recently there were no good solutions for playing MP3 files in cars not equipped with an auto MP3 unit.

To resolve this situation, manufacturers created new MP3 players capable of broadcasting to FM radio frequencies; sales of these have surged as they have become popular with commuters. They let you play dozens or even hundreds of songs or audio books through your car radio system, but you have to be willing to lug around an MP3 player, power adapter and power inverter around.

Alpha Omega Computer has a better idea. They have come up with their MP3onChannel player, which is a compact MP3 player that accepts USB key chains and plugs directly into your cigarette lighter. Is this the MP3 answer for clutter-phobic commuters?

Price And Contents

The MP3onChannel comes in a very simple package. There is no need for an instruction book, because the very simple instructions are printed on the back of the package. You will have to supply your own USB flash drive. Since USB flash drives are common and inexpensive, you can have separate drives for different types of music. For example, one drive for techno and another drive for rap.

The player's full name is the MP3onChannel MP3-308 and it retails for about $60.