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A Wristband Battery For Your Portables

Nearly lost in translation: on Thanko's website ( is a wristband that doubles as a portable battery. Distributed across the wristband are power packs holding up to 1500 mAh of power. On the side is a mini USB port, which allows the included twisted power cord to transfer juice to other gadgets. 

Thanko's product also comes with another cable that plugs into a powered USB port (on a PC or DC-USB adaptor) to recharge the wristband. Also included are adaptors for Japanese phones, the DS, Sony's PSP, and even the iPod. All in all the wristband weighs around 80 grams.

The wristband looks like a good alternative to all those pocket rechargers on the market today. Nothing beats walking around with extra power fastened securely on your wrist, and you don't have to worry about that power pack slipping off your gadget's power port and crashing to the ground.

Thanko's Wristband Battery costs 3980 Yen ($43.05). It's not clear from the website if Thanko ships to the US though. To the Japanese-literate, help us out here!

Portable Wristband Battery 2