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Tesla P85D's Insane Performance Gets Better-Than-Perfect Scores

How good is Tesla’s new all-wheel drive update to its highly-coveted Model S Sedan? So good that it broke it broke Consumer Reports’ review scale.

The $105,000 P85D slam dunked categories for both fuel efficiency and performance, which resulted in an unprecedented score of 103 out of 100 on CR’s recent evaluation.  This forced Consumer Reports to re-calibrate its review system just so the P85D’s score would fit on within the boundaries of a 100-point scale, which now stands at a perfect 100.

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Consumer Reports was most impressed by the P85D’s 0-60 speeds, which when tested using the comically named “insane mode,” took only 3.5 seconds. That’s close to the supercar-level performance seen on models such as the Ferrari 488 and the Lamborghini Huracan. And if that’s not fast enough, Tesla has released an even faster launch program, appropriately called “ludicrous mode,” which promises 0-60 times in a mind-bending 2.8 seconds.

Let’s not forget, the P85D manages this all with an electric car equivalent of 87 miles per gallon.  Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing at Consumer Reports said “the Tesla is a shining example of how higher economy standards can be achieved without sacrificing performance.”

Interestingly, despite the P85D’s full marks, Consumer Reports critiqued the interior design for being not as high quality as other luxury cars, and noted that the P85D’s ride is firmer and louder than the current Model S.

For those who don’t need the outlandish performance of the P85D, you can still get a regular P70 Model S for just $75,000 before incentives, and the official launch for Tesla’s Model X sport utility is just few weeks away. The new car looks to offer the same elegance and quality seen on the Model S, especially since they use the same underling platform, but with more room and an estimated price as low as $65,000, after the $7,500 federal tax credit is figured in.