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Tesla Model X Is Ready for the Apocalypse

If the end of the world arrives any time soon, Tesla wants to ensure you're riding in style during it. The automotive company has taken the wraps off it its Model X SUV, a sleek $132,000 electric car that has winged doors and a panic button meant to protect people from a chemical apocalypse.

The Model X was introduced by company chief Elon Musk at Tesla's California headquarters. The vehicle can hold up to seven people, travel 250 miles on a full charge and reach a blistering 155 miles per hour, but its future-proof, science fiction-esque special features are what really steal the show.

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The vehicle sports what Tesla calls "falcon wing" doors, which slide upward to let you get out of the car in even the tightest of spots. The doors have capacitive sensors to detect nearby objects , and, according to Tesla, can open up with as little as 12 inches of wiggle room on either side. Tesla demoed the feature onstage by parking two other SUVs extremely close to the Model X, and the winged doors opened without a scratch.

One of the Model X's other marquee features is its awesomely titled "bioweapon defense mode," which filters incoming air to protect those inside the car in the event of a deadly chemical attack. While Model X owners will hopefully never have to use such a feature, it certainly makes the vehicle ready for anything.

Inside is seating for six or seven (depending on which precise model you get), and a 17-inch touchscreen lives on the dash. Under the hood you'll find a 90 kilowatt-hour battery that should go 250 miles on a charge. Dual motors (259 and 503 horsepower) should go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 sections (with the whimsically named Ludicrous Speed Upgrade). The vehicle should reach a top speed of 155 mph. 

So far, Tesla has only sold the Model X to a lucky group of six drivers, but those with the money to spare should be able to get one fairly soon. The future-ready SUV is expected to release by mid-2016 at a starting price for $132,000.