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Teen Boy Arrested for Nude MMS of Ex-Girlfriend

As shocking as this may be, this should surprise few as the prevalence of interconnected gadgets increases. A 14-year-old boy from Lacey, WA has been arrested by police after he sent a naked picture of his 13-year-old ex-girlfriend to his fellow students at ChinookMiddle School.

Authorities say that the picture made it to dozens of students in at least three different schools and those who helped spread the image could face child pornography charges. If the teens are convicted, they could face up to a month in detention and be forced to register as sex offenders.

"They did this with intention to harm her," the victim's mother, Toni, told KIRO-TV.

"She did something out of trust, I suppose, wanting to be accepted, loved. It was a mistake," said Toni.

[Update: alternate story source link with more accurate quotes.]