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Target to Launch Streaming Service in October

Target is hopping onto the video streaming bandwagon to join the likes of Redbox and Amazon Instant with its own TV/movie streaming service

called Target Ticket.  

Target Ticket will launch on October 1 with a sizable collection of 30,000 movies and TV shows for rent or purchase. Though Target's been a bit slow on the uptake in terms of video streaming and plenty of other companies already have footholds in the marketplace, Target is hoping to attract customers through early access to digital content through day-after-broadcast TV episodes, pre-DVD movie releases, parental controls, and ease of use.

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"The industry is not brand-new at this stage, but there is a significant portion of our guests who haven’t adopted digital entertainment yet," stated Target divisional merchandise manager of entertainment Anne Staunchfield. She also revealed Target's intentions to launch the service early should it be ready before the set launch date. 

Target Ticket has already worked out deals with quite a few major studios. The TV networks that will be offered up on the service will include cable-only networks such as HBO, FX, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and Starz. Unfortunately for now, TV content will only beavailablefor purchase and not for rent. 

Pricing for content will be standard to what's offered at movie theaters and online for TV season passes. Variety gave a couple of examples, including "Now You See Me," which will be available for $14.99 and $17.99 for the standard definition and high definition versions respectively, and "Game of Thrones," which will be available for $28.99 and $36.99 for the standard and high definition versions.  

The streaming service will be available on the usual platforms of Windows, Macs, Xbox, iOS, Android, and Roku.