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Tabletop Version of Atari's Pong Revives Classic Game

Remember the days before virtual reality took over gaming? Such were the days of Atari’s Pong, when deflecting a tiny white square ball across your screen made you just as psyched as you are by today's mind-blowing graphics.  

Image: Table Pong Project

Image: Table Pong Project

Not to worry — soon you may be able to relive the Pong experience in real life. A team of Pong superfans in Uruguay have revived the simplistic but addicting 70s classic as a tabletop game.

Though Daniel Perdomo, Alvaro Salsamendi and Constantino Voulgaris had no prior experience with electronics, construction or coding, the team spent two years working on building a prototype that plays just like the real game, complete with LED lights and a magnetic square white “ball.”

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Perdomo documented their lengthy and clearly labor-intensive process in a behind-the-scenes video, which was posted on the Table Pong Project’s Facebook fan page

From the video, it looks like tabletop Pong is a foosball-esque prototype designed to be just as responsive as Atari’s original game. For now, the prototype is the only playable version. But Perdomo and his team are searching for a hardware incubator to help make this piece of real-life gamer nostalgia a reality.

In the meantime, feel free to relive your Pong glory days with Atari’s upgraded online version.