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T-Mobile Starts Verizon Flame War with Free Trials

T-Mobile seems to never miss an opportunity to poach customers from other carriers - while insulting them - and the company's new campaign against Verizon is one of its most aggressive yet. The Un-carrier's Never Settle Trial allows Verizon users to test-drive a new T-Mobile phone on the company's network for up to two weeks at no cost. If they're satisfied, T-Mobile will cover the price of switching over. 

Never Settle Trial kicks off on May 13 and runs through the end of the month. If you sign up for the trial, your Verizon number will be ported to a new T-Mobile smartphone, though we don't yet know what devices you'll be able to choose from.

For those who opt to switch to T-Mobile after the trial period, the carrier will pay for early-termination fees of up to $650, as well as any outstanding device payments left over. Even if you switch back (you have up to 14 days to give back the T-Mobile phone), the Un-carrier will pay for any fees related to re-activating your Verizon service.

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Never Settle Trial is a response to Verizon's satirical #NeverSettle ad campaign, in which one actor boasts about the benefits of Verizon's high-speed network, while the other suffers without it. For example, in one ad, the Verizon user successfully finds love on the Internet, while the non-Verizon user never gets a call back due to his messages sending too slowly. 

While Verizon looks to convince customers that its network is quick enough for finding your soulmate online, T-Mobile is pushing to warn customers against the company's high prices, two-year contracts and international charges. Verizon customers curious about trying T-Mobile can get their Never Settle Trial both online and at T-Mobile stores.

Source: T-Mobile

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