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T-Mobile Offers Micro-SIM for 2G Speeds on iPhone 4

T-Mobile in the U.S. does not have the iPhone, and the network does not support any of the iPhone's 3G network bands. For those who care about getting good data performance out of their iPhones, T-Mobile isn't an option… but apparently, there are lots of unlocked iPhones running on T-Mobile regardless.

Now a year after the launch of the iPhone 4 that pushed AT&T to roll out micro-SIM cards, T-Mobile is offering a micro-SIM of its own. Amazingly, T-Mobile makes no secret about what its new SIM is used for. The company lists the description:

Already have a GSM phone or iPhone that you need to activate—or have an unlocked GSM phone you want to use on the T-Mobile network? Just get a Micro SIM card and choose a plan. Slip the ready-to-use Micro SIM Card into your phone and you’re ready to go.

Despite the lack of compatible 3G bands, this could be a move in response to Apple now selling unlocked iPhones in the U.S. – or maybe this is a sign that T-Mobile is just getting ready to offer micro-SIMs for Apple's next phone product…