The 'Unhackable' Swiss Army Knife USB Stick

Contributing Writer

Nothing in the world is unhackable, right? Right. But Victorinox, the company behind the Swiss Army Knife, claims that it has the most unhackable USB solution right now.

In fact, the company held a launch event in London where it would give a £100,000 (nearly US$150,000) prize to hackers if they could break into it during the two hours the event lasted, but the USB hardware held its ground.

The Victorinox Secure is a USB stick that's built into a Swiss Army Knife and it uses several layers of security. One step is fingerprint identification that's attached to a thermal sensor – so that the finger alone, detached from the body, will still not give access to the memory stick’s contents.

The Secure features MKI’s Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology, which makes it possible to operate with no external and accessible lines between the different coding/security steps, as on multi-chip solutions. Victorinox says this makes cracking the hardware impossible.

For those looking to get right to the hardware itself, the Secure has also been made tamper-proof. Any attempt to forcibly open it triggers a self-destruct mechanism that irrevocably burns its CPU and memory chip.  

The Secure Pro is available in three different sizes, ranging from 8GB to 32GB RRP £50 ($75) - £180 ($270) and features:
- Removable USB flash drive
- Biometric fingerprint recognition technology
- LED Mini White Light
- Retractable Ball Point Pen
- Blade
- Scissors
- Nail File with
- Screwdriver
- Key ring