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Misfit, Swarovski Shine with Gorgeous New Smart Jewelry

LAS VEGAS — Wearable tech is getting increasingly fashion-forward, and Misfit is the latest company to prove it can make wearables pretty. Teaming up with crystal makers Swarovski, Misfit today (Jan. 5) unveiled the Swarovski Shine series — including a pendant that never needs charging or replacing batteries. I spent some time with the Swarovski Shine here at CES and was dazzled by the eye candy.

Available for pre-order today, the regular Swarovski Shine is essentially the existing Misfit Shine covered with a quarter-sized, multi-faceted crystal. It still tracks your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep behavior, as the current Shine does. Later in the year, the violet "energy" version will be available, and it packs some cool energy-harvesting technology.

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I couldn't keep my hands off the gorgeous necklace at Misfit's suite. Starting at $169 for a bundle that includes a sport strap and a bracelet housing, the Swarovski Shine will ship in March. I especially liked seeing the crystal face light up when you tap it twice to show your progress toward your daily fitness goal.

What's really cool about the Swarovski Shine series is the energy version, which uses an "energy crystal" technology for solar charging. By refracting and focusing light rays, the system makes energy harvesting more efficient, and Misfit says wearers just have to expose the Shine to light 10-15 minutes every day for it to run continuously. Even exposure to indoor lights, such as incandescent bulbs, will work, according to Misfit.

The Swarovski Shine collection is also fully waterproof. A price isn't available for the energy version of the series yet. Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for the latest news.

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