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63% of Homes Spend More on Tech Bills than Utilities

Consumer market research firm iYogi found that 63 percent of consumers are paying almost 35 percent more on technology services per month than they do for basic utilities.

The most money in IT services goes to mobile internet with an average expenditure of $94 for the service and an additional $19 for apps, music and services. U.S. households spend somewhere between $20 and $180 per month on ISP services alone, with the majority (58 percent) paying somewhere between $20 and $60 for their traditional Internet connection such as dial-up, DSL or cable. iYogi also found that online backup services are doing rather well as 30 percent of consumers are spending $10 per month on such a service already.

In stationary data, triple-play services have become very popular - 50 percent of consumers have chosen a package that combines Internet, TV and phone service, followed by 17 percent who have opted for Internet and TV and 16 percent who stick with individual subscriptions.

The average U.S. household currently has seven technology devices that incur subscription costs, but the market research firm says that this number is likely to go up for households with three to seven members to an average of eleven devices in 2012.