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Street Fighter IV Headed to the iPhone (For Real!)

Although the iPhone is still very much a gaming platform that's targeted to the casual gamer, Capcom is in the process of porting one if its most hardcore games of all time to the Apple device.

Capcom this week announced (via IGN) that it is taking Street Fighter IV to the iPhone. That's right, the hardcore game that was home in the arcade, Xbox 360 and PS3 is headed to the AppStore.

The biggest issue, in our minds, is how the control scheme will work. Some gamers have a hard enough time using a gamepad instead of a joystick, so adapting to an on-screen touch interface sounds like a difficult affair. Of course, it's unlikely that hardcore tournament Street Fighter players will be ditching their home versions for the iPhone, even if head-to-head play is possible over Bluetooth.

Control concerns aside, the visual assets are taken from the current generation versions – so they look fantastic. Capcom has yet to specify a price or release date, but stay tuned.