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Stolen Stanford Laptop Contains Up To 72000 Employees


Stanford (CA) - A stolen Stanford laptop may have contained detailed information about as many as 72000 former and current university employees. Randy Livingston, the school’s Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, says the matter has been reported to law enforcement and that the thieves will probably just erase the drive before reselling the laptop. Of course, that assumes the thieves aren’t reading his very announcement about the theft.

The laptop contains detailed records of employees hired before September 28th 2007. The information includes names, genders, birthdates, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, salary and a about every other record you would expect from an employee. Thankfully though, Stanford University says no employee credit card numbers or driver’s license numbers were on the computer.

"Stanford works very hard to secure the sensitive data entrusted to it by current and former faculty and staff," says Livingston. Interestingly enough, there’s no mention of how the laptop was stolen or to whom it was assigned to.

Read more ... Stanford News Service.

  • "thankfully, no credit card record was there"...

    Are you more worried about a credit card than a social security number???

    I wonder why the world think americans are stupid...
  • and why this emploeey data was on that laptop? don't they have a server foar this?