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How To Stream Games To Anywhere In Your House With Steam

Steam's In-Home Streaming finally came out of beta last week and is now available for all Windows Steam users (Mac and Linux are coming later).  The new feature lets you take advantage of your high-powered gaming desktop to throw games to your HTPC, notebook or even tablet so you can enjoy your favorite titles anywhere in your house.

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Steaming is best suited for throwing strategic games like Civilization 5 onto your big living room TV, rather than high-speed games where lag matters. Your performance may also be affected if other people are using a lot of your router's bandwidth. Here's how to stream games using Steam.

1. Install Steam on both computers, the host and the client

2. Login to Steam on both machines, using the same account. Make sure you are connected to the same local network.

3. Check your connection status. You can look for the notification popup in the bottom right, or go to Steam > Settings > In-Home Streaming and see your connected devices. While here, you can also adjust settings to optimize streaming performance.

4. Navigate to your Steam library.  Available games will be shown in white and only games that are installed to the host PC will be available for streaming.

5. Select a game to stream. Choose from your available games and you'll see the play button has been replaced by a Stream button.

Now you have access to your entire stream library anywhere in your home. Good luck and happy gaming!

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