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The Force is Strong in this Clock

It's just hard to get up in the morning sometimes. Sure, you might have a busy day full of rebellions to quash, estranged sons to corrupt and moon-sized battle stations to complete. But not even a hectic itinerary can keep you from your bed or cryo chamber. Well it's time to force-choke your drowsiness away with these geek-tacular alarm clocks.

Lego's 8-inch Star Wars figures are fully-armed and operational timepieces. With a clear LCD display smack-dab on the chest, you'll know the exact time you'll need to be within firing range of that rebel base. The built-in snooze button eases you out of slumber and dreams of galactic domination.

Lego Man Star Wars clocks are available now at and Toys R Us for $24.99. Get yours in either Sith Lord black or Stormtrooper white. Or better yet, get one of each if there's more than one lightsaber-wielding nerd in the family.

[source Amazon via Chip Chick]