Star Wars Fan Gives Minecraft 'A New Hope'

Fans of world-building game "Minecraft" have used the software to create countless "Star Wars" projects and mods, but this one stands out like a Tauntaun in summertime. A devoted crafter, whom goes by the alias Paradise Decay, is recreating every single minute of George Lucas' 1977 classic "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" within Minecraft's blocky game world.

Minecraft - Star Wars - 'A New Hope'

While this pixelated take on "A New Hope" isn't quite complete, Paradise Decay has released a full re-creation of the film's original trailer. Iconic scenes, like the Millenium Falcon's escape from Tatooine and the dogfight over the Death Star, are re-imagined in painstaking detail, and it would be easy to mistake the custom skins for officially licensed ones. Lightsabers take the shape of the game's famous pixel swords, and Darth Vader takes on a much less menacing form, thanks to his square face.

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"Star Wars" looks even more charming in the blocky, big-headed world of "Minecraft," and the trailer makes us think of what would happen if Travelers Tales' popular "LEGO Star Wars" games were made in gaming's retro days. According to the project's official blog, this "A New Hope" recreation is more than 3 years in the making, with some of the individual sets taking around 6 months to build. Paradise Decay isn't using any mods, and is instead crafting every individual detail of the settings and characters himself.

In order to avoid the obvious copyright issues, Paradise Decay will release the film for free with no accompanying audio; you'll have to find a way to play the film's original audio in sync with his movie instead. According to Sploid, the dedicated Minecrafter only needs to finish 11 more minutes of the film before he gets it out to the public. May the force be with him.

via Paradise Decay, Sploid

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  • threefish
    In honor of Weird Al's new video for Word Crimes, I must step in here. "A devoted crafter, whom goes by the alias..." "Whom" is incorrect in this sentence. The devoted crafter is the subject, not a direct or indirect object in this context.
  • Anonymous
    Watched the trailer for about 15 to 25 seconds and thought i could just watch the real thing instead of this garbage. The trailer is pretty bad.
  • Haravikk
    While I appreciate the effort that must have gone into something like this, I just don't see the point; everything transferred to Minecraft looks awful! It's graphics are quaint when they're limited to its basic environment or original creations made to fit that world, but when you start trying to adapt things from elsewhere then it just looks terrible, especially when the film itself still looks great today, and there are a number of great Star Wars games you could actually play instead. I dunno, we're just talking about making a worse version of something here, it seems like the skill at building the content to be much better spent doing something else, like something original to Minecraft.