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Make Your Own Star Trek-like Sliding Doors

uiproductions unveiled their latest DIY guide last week that got Trekkies all over youtube super excited. Bored and unexcited with the conventional swinging doors in his home, one devoted fan decided to turn them into the iconic air-powered sliding doors that we see in sci-fi television shows, movies and games.

These doors don't only mimic the function of the doors from Star Trek, they also mimic the sounds as well. Anybody who is willing to go through the trouble of putting these doors into their home also gets the infamous whisking sounds that they make. The process isn't easy, and the amount of resources required for the project aren't small, but these doors will definitely set your house apart from the rest. Especially if you decide to add your own Star Trek twist to it.

For complete and detailed instructions on how to perform this awesome hack on your own doors, head over here