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Squeezebox For In Home Music Distribution

Still Looking For The Music

I decided to try something local - a local folder on the same drive as the SlimServer - instead of pointing the SlimServer to a music folder located on a network-attached drive, I created a folder on the same server I was running the SlimServer software on. I remember that I had previously gotten the remote drive to be read in an earlier incarnation of SlimServer, but rather than fight with it, this time I was content to bend to its will, since the SlimServer liked the local folder.

I then told the SlimServer to "rescan" my music library, which adds the tracks to its database. After what I considered a very lengthy rescan period - more than a minute to build a list of 25 songs(!) - oops, nope, nothing yet in the play list. Now I go back to the SlimServer "Home" and decide to select "browse music folder", and viola! - all of my songs are there in all their MP3 glory!

Clicking on the "Add to Playlist" icon next to the "All Songs" heading migrates the songs over to a Squeezebox playlist that makes the tracks available to the Squeezebox.

Using the remote, I can raise and lower the volume, pause, fast forward, shuffle the tunes and repeat favorites. The trick to remember is to have a playlist in the directory with your music or else you will need to manually migrate the songs you plan to listen to into a playlist before the Squeezebox appliance will recognize the presence of songs.