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Spotify Now Has American Celebrity Friends

Among the first celebrities tweeting about their excitement that Spotify is finally available were - who would have guessed - Ashton Kutcher, but also Demi Moore ("Spotify is genius"), Mark Zuckerberg ("Spotify is so good"), Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, as well as Britney Spears, who couldn’t wait to get her Spotify play list off the ground.

Why is this important? Simply, celebrity moments are often watershed moments. Spotify has enough publicity already, but a celebrity endorsements, especially over Twitter from accounts with dozens of millions of followers does not hurt. The most famous endorsement may have been Ashton Kutcher's Chatroulette chat that pushed a small project into the mainstream media virtually overnight. It's not a secret that all startups try to involve celebrities in their companies to act as amplifiers in their marketing strategies. Chatroulette, by the way, has subsided in traffic considerably from its rocket launch in early 2010. According to, the site sees only about 25 percent of the traffic it had back then.

So, if Britney tells its followers that she is "so excited that Spotify is finally coming to the US" and that she is "getting [her] playlists ready now" can only help to contribute to a big launch. Spotify, by the way, is only open to a limited number of users at this time. You can go on the waiting list, but if you just don't want to wait, you can join if you sign up for a $5 or $10 per month plan.