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Spotify Users Now Get Hulu for Free: Here’s How

If you’ve been thinking about jumping into a paid Spotify account, now might the time. The streaming music service just announced a new promotion that bundles a free ad-supported Hulu streaming TV and movie account with all Spotify Premium accounts.

Credit: George Dolgikh/Shutterstock

(Image credit: George Dolgikh/Shutterstock)

With this newly announced bundle, you’ll get ad-free Spotify and Hulu with ads for just $9.99 a month. The new deal replaces Spotify’s previous promotion that gave the option to tack on a Hulu account (normally $5.99 a month) to Spotify Premium accounts for an extra $3.

Spotify Premium + Hulu BundleView Deal

Spotify customers who took advantage of the $12.99 Spotify Premium+Hulu bundle will see an automatic reduction of $3 a month on their bill, the streaming music service says. All others who have Spotify Premium will see to option to ad free Hulu in the “Your Services” part of thier account.

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Though the tier of Hulu you’re getting with Spotify’s new promo isn’t as good as Hulu’s $11.99 version, which lets you enjoy on-demand TV and movie programming without commercials, it’s still a deal to be able to access to Hulu originals like Handmaid’s Tale and reruns of network favorites like SNL simply by having a Spotify Premium account.

The Hulu bundle through Spotify isn’t compatible with add-ons for HBO and Showtime. You also can’t pay the few dollars difference it would take to get ad-free Hulu if you want to upgrade your free account. If you’re interested in those options, you’d need to open your own Hulu account, independent of Spotify.

The fine print on Spotify's offer says that it's limited time deal that runs through June 10 or while supplies last. So if you've been looking to bundle your music and video streaming services, this may be the time to do it — at least until we find out more about Apple's planned video service at the end of this month.