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Nintendo Gives Southwest Frequent Fliers A Free DS

Nintendo and Southwest Airlines have gone all generous and handed out fifty free Nintendo DS's, along with a copy of Brain Age: Train Your Brain; to some of the airline's most travelled passengers.

What's interesting is not the free DS's (anyone who flies as much as this lot can probably afford their own); nor the cynical jokes these passengers can now make if ever anyone asks for a Doctor onboard. No, the interesting thing is that these 50 Rapid Rewards Members have, according to the airline, clocked up more than 79.2 million miles, spent more than 132,854 hours in the air and represent more than 600 years of membership between them.

Getting out our trusty calculator that equates to 1.59 million miles; 2,657 hours (110.7 days); and 12 years of membership each. Well... actually, now that you break it down, 111 days across 12 years isn't too bad, but I think Nintendo would want to send along a few airline friendly recharge packs with those DS's.

Ohh, and because apparently we're all doomed in the next 60 years allow me to admonish these folks for all the damage they've been doing to our precious earth. We can only hope that Nintendo will release a "Save the Planet" game for the DS in the near future.