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Will Sony Be First With HDR Screen Phone?

As smartphone makers look for ways to make their devices stand out, Sony may be counting on an insanely rich and sharp display to give the rumored Xperia X Premium a boost over the competition. Phone Radar, citing "confirmed sources" (whatever that means), claims that Sony is readying an HDR screen for the Xperia X Premium, which would be a first for smartphones.

Considering the vagueness of the source, I'm not ready to treat this rumor as fact, but a phone with an HDR display wouldn't be impossible to imagine. Sony already makes HDR televisions, and was the first to debut a 4K screen on a smartphone with the Xperia Z5 Premium.

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An HDR screen would mean crazy rich colors that are more vibrant. According to Phone Radar's source, the Xperia X Premium will sport a 10-bit HDR display that can show 1,024 shades of the primary red, green and blue (RGB) colors. That's a nice upgrade over the usual 256 RGB hues that other screens offer.

The leak also suggests that the purported Xperia X Premium's panel would offer a scorching "1,000 nits of white brightness" and can even go up to 1,300 nits at maximum. Our current smartphone average is 437 nits, and the Galaxy S7 Edge notched 530 nits on our light meter.

Display specs aside, the phone will reportedly run on a Snapdragon 820 CPU, which is what all the top Android phones carry this year. It will also apparently offer a USB Type-C port with higher data transfer speeds.

Sony unveiled its Xperia X lineup earlier this year at Mobile World Congress. At the time, it showcased three phones, with the high-spec Xperia X Performance and mid-range Xperia XA joining the Xperia X for a summer release. Those phones feature cameras with predictive autofocus, where an object will remain in focus even if it's moving, and adaptive charging technology to increase the lifespan of the phone's battery. Presumably, the Xperia X Premium is another addition to the X family.

We're not sure how real this report about the Xperia X Premium is, but the specs don't seem unreasonable. Would you like an HDR display on your phone? Sound off in our forums!