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PlayStation 2 May Soon Fall to $99

History has shown that sales of game consoles take off exponentially as prices fall. In that line of thinking, the PlayStation 2 could become even more popular, if such a thing were possible.

The PlayStation 2 is definitely in its twilight years, but never has a console before it hung on for so long into the generation that proceeds it. The PS2’s incredibly ‘long tail’ makes Sony seem like it actually knew what it was talking about when it spouts of on the “ten year life cycle” of its consoles.

The PS2’s been on the market for nine years now; and with more than 140 million sold over that time, it’s the best-selling console to date.

An updated listing in Kmart’s computer system could point to something that will keep the PS2 selling for a little while longer -- a price drop to $99, as seen on Joystiq.

Although this price drop doesn’t come as much of a sure thing without the multiple-retailer sources and early flyer scans, a price drop from $129 to $99 seems to make sense at this point in time.

The PlayStation 2 was in last place in console sales last month, though that should be its expected spot, being the oldest and most-owned console on the market. Still, in light of the economy, consumers are looking for cheap thrills, and a $99 PS2 could be just the ticket.