Sony Unveils New 160 GB PlayStation 3 Bundle

Leapfrogging the Microsoft for the title of the most gigabytes, Sony today announced a new 160 GB PlayStation 3 bundle that will come bundled with the game “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.”

The new system is set to launch this November and will occupy the $499.99 price point where the current 80 GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle sits. In addition to the added gigs, the new box will also ship with a DualShock 3 controller and voucher to download the PlayStation Network game “PAIN” at no additional charge.

While gamers likely have little use for the extra 80 GB over the existing top SKU, Sony’s positioned the PlayStation 3 to be much more than just a games machine. With the launch of a video download service, the PlayStation 3 is able to serve the majority of entertainment that’s attached to a high-definition display and sound system.

"As PlayStation Network continues to evolve with our recently launched video delivery service and more exclusive games, PS3 owners are demanding more storage capacity," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. "Consumers also are utilizing PS3 as an entertainment hub for their digital media, placing content such as their entire music collection on the hard drive. The 160 GB PS3 system addresses this growing consumer demand in a compelling bundle that delivers significant value."

While game add-on content and other downloadable titles don’t amount to much more than several hundred megabytes each, it’s high-definition video content that will make owners of larger hard drives appreciate the space. Such video demands gigabytes of storage, making short work of less roomy disks.

As for hardcore gamers who have yet to pick up a PlayStation 3 – don’t be too quick to prefer this model over the current $500 box. Nothing in Sony’s documentation makes any indication of PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility, so the current 80 GB bundle with MGS4 could be the last hurrah for last-gen support. The MGS4 bundle console also sports flash card readers and two extra USB ports. And don’t forget, the PlayStation 3 makes it easy for the user to upgrade the 2.5-inch SATA at any time.

The new 80 GB models that retail for $399.99 (without the legacy bells and whistles) are already shipping to replace the 40 GB model, so grab those PS2-capable machines while they’re still available.

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  • Anonymous
    Sony should have added another HDMI port aswell which would have made it a little more intising to get the 160gb version.
  • Anonymous
    With games downloading content to the hdd it's pretty easy to fill up 80gig PS3's... I upgraded our to 200gig not too long ago (from 40), we're only using about 50gig right now but I'm sure that will keep ratcheting up.
  • eklipz330
    wudnt it be smarter to release a ps3 with NO harddrive? because alotta people buy they're own upgrade anyway, and things are more flexible this way...