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Sony Intros 65-inch Curved LCD-Based LED TV

During IFA 2013 in Berlin, Sony introduced the world's first curved screen television, the Bravia KDL-65S990A. Not to be confused with curved OLED models currently on the market, this will be your standard edge-lit LED-lit LCD panel, but with a curve and a more affordable (introductory) pre-purchase price tag of $3999.99. Curved OLED solutions typically skyrocket above $9,000 USD.

So why exactly do we need curved HDTVs anyway? "The gentle curve of this television borrows from the screen technology found in movie theaters, and provides an immersive experience that makes viewers feel as if they are truly part of the action and in the moment of the scene they are watching," states Mike Lucas, senior vice president of Sony Electronics Home Entertainment & Sound division.

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This "world's first" sports a 65 inch screen with an edge-to-edge curved construction. The TV relies on Sony's TRILUMINOS Display color technology promising true, natural shades of colors, and the company's X-Reality PRO picture processing engine that supposedly analyzes, cleans and refines images. The company's Reality Creation database and Super Resolution processing also help to create highly detailed, super sharp 2D and 3D images.

"Hard-to-reproduce reds, greens and blues are displayed beautifully, so landscapes and seascapes look more vivid, richer and more intense. Faces look better, too, with satisfyingly natural skin tones," Sony says. "It's all thanks to a new-generation TV panel that makes colors pure and more distinct; giving images a heightened texture and a true, life-like feel to everything you watch."

Sony's new curved LED TV also features a 4-channel Multi-Angle Live Speaker configuration that consists of eight front facing speakers: six front and two surround. These are "precisely" angled in multiple directions to provide a surround system comparable to stand-alone solutions. This integrated system pushes voices inwards and other sounds outwards, and is backed by Sony's signal processing S-Force Front Surround technology.

Additional features offered in the new curved LED TV include Smart Connect that enhances cross-device connectivity between BRAVIA televisions and mobile devices using iOS and Android, and NFC connectivity allowing users to send content on a mobile device to the HDTV. There's also TV SideView for turning mobile devices into a second screen.

Customers eying this 65 inch curved beauty can throw down $3,999.99 on Sony's virtual storefront now by heading here. The estimated ship date is October 27, 2013, just in time for watching spooky movies on Halloween. The pre-purchase page also lists the curved TV's entire portfolio of specs, revealing that it has support for 3D content, built-in parental controls, a huge I/O panel complete with MHL connectivity and three USB 2.0 ports, and loads more.

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  • house70
    65 inch is too small for a curved screen, regardless of technology. There can be only one person seated in the "sweet spot", all the others will have to deal with a weird watching experience, where the visibility of the side nearer is actually worse than the farther side.
  • UnitedExpress4180
    Why would I need or ever even want a curved screen? I don't see any way this is an improvement over current flat screen products.
  • GoldenI
    Wait, so you're saying that I get a CURVED screen for $9,000 USD?!? ERMAGERHD, TAKE MY MONEY
  • 10tacle
    Agree with house70 - there is no way this TV can have a pleasurable viewing experience except the one seeing it dead on center. Further, three years ago a 65" HDTV was huge, but today, that's become just upper-mainstream and common. Finally, paying $4k for a 1080p TV when a year from now 4K TVs will be at or under this price for a comparable size, would be a stupid move.
  • hakesterman
    There is no reson to even look at a 4K TV because your Cable provider isn't even going to provide 4K resolution for at least 6 more years. Media is outrageously expensive and is extremely limited.
  • cmartin011
    "Sony's brand new f***ing peace of shit that doesnt do the thing its supposed to. They say its the biggest waste of your hard earned money in years..." any takers on who said this?
  • athletics
    cable providers won't provide 4K res for at least 6 more years? I guarantee you there will be internet based 4K streaming in the next 2-3 years.
  • agnickolov
    Sigh. This is just a LED-backlit LCD TV. Real LED TVs (Sony calls them Crystal LED to be distinguished from Organic LED) are 5-10 years in the future.
  • doive1231
    USB 2.0. Pah
  • master9716
    Bad move , why make it 65" when sharps been selling 70'' for a long time and people that have them dont want to downgrade in size.