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Solaris V1: Solar-powered LED Watch

Designed by a French designer by the name of Oliver, the Solaris V1 is a truly unique watch that tells time with a minimalistic LED approach and a solar power strip. The Solaris uses a solar cell battery that is able to harvest energy throughout the day to keep the watch running all day and night. In the case that the Solaris doesn't gather enough energy to run on its own, there is an additional battery included for back up.

Inspired by the sun, Oliver's vision involves a series of LED lights to tell the time. As indicated in the picture above, hours are denoted with a blue LED and the minutes are divided into five minute groups with purple LEDs and four one minute groups in a blue LED as well. With a sleek design featuring two bands throughout the watch, the Solaris V1 works a futuristic look that can be worn by both men and women.