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The Solar Arch: Keeping Roads Cool and Lighted

Designer Tyson Steele apparently wants to hit two birds with one stone with his Solar Arch concept: reduce heat pollution and lower demand on the traditional energy grid. The Solar Arch does both by covering rural roads with arches of (what else?) solar panels.

No doubt, lining all rural roads would be a very costly affair. On top of that, non-stop arches would also block those spectacular views of nature invaded by these arteries of concrete.

But covering just a small percentage of America's comprehensive network—specifically in areas constantly suffering from the sun's intense heat—would still create a lot of extra energy. With an average clearance of around 18 feet, a width of 40 and the thickness of 10, the Solar Arch is ready for implementation on actual roads.

Steele wants his arches to provide electricity to nearby communities. That alone is an admirable goal, but also reducing the heat retained by roads is also a worthy cause. Just ask anyone based in areas that can maximize the Solar Arch. Updates to follow if Tyson finds a way to implement his concept in the real world.

Designer: Tyson Steele