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Future Snapdragon Android Devices to Get Netflix

Netflix is now available on a vast array of net-enabled devices, but one sorely missing popular device are Android phones. While iOS users have been streaming video to their phones for quite some time now, the developers at Netflix have been running into issues with Android hardware due the lack of a standard for DRM measures.

The good news is that Netflix has finally solved that issue, but the bad news is that it's only solved for Android phones running the Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Qualcomm confirmed at the MWC that its future Android devices powered by the Snapdragon platform will have access to instant streaming of TV shows and movies from Netflix.

"We're pleased to expand our mobile offering by providing our members an app for TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix to Snapdragon-enabled Android devices," said Bill Holmes, Netflix vice president of Business Development. "Qualcomm's expertise in mobile hardware/software integration and their collaboration in the consumer electronics space makes them the perfect fit in bringing Netflix to a range of Android handsets and tablets."

No time frame was given for the Netflix release for Snapdragon powered Androids, but at least it's good news for a considerable chunk of Android users out there who want their shows on the go.