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Grab That Screen with SnagIt 9

Snip, Snip, Snip

But what if you need more than a basic screen print? For example, if you want to capture an entire page that scrolls beyond the dimensions of your monitor, or capture a series of on screen actions and save them to video? TechSmith’s SnagIt 9 provides a solution for these and other capture tasks.

The SnagIt Interface

SnagIt 9 makes all of its capture capabilities available via a small, efficient interface. A series of thumbnails on the right side of the interface provides presets, called Profiles, for most common capture tasks. There are 10 Profiles: Region, Window, Full screen, Scrolling window (Web page), Menu with time delay, Text from window, Record screen video, Images from Web page, Web page (keep links), and Object.

Quick Launch and Related Task items are listed on the left. There’s a Profile Settings area at the bottom of the interface, which is used to customize the 10 thumbnail Profiles, and to create your own thumbnail Profiles. You can also access many features from a menu bar at the top of the main interface.

The Scrolling window (Web page) Profile is a particularly interesting option, since it would normally require multiple screen shots and a lot of copying and pasting to perform this capture. After clicking the Profile’s thumbnail and clicking Capture, the SnagIt interface minimizes to show the underlying window, with simple instructions in the upper left.

The Profile worked as intended, creating a 2,760 pixel high capture of the entire Web page.

SnagIt’s Profiles are all based on the settings for four sets of functions: Input, Mode, Filters, and Output. I’ll take a closer look at each of these.