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PLEASE Do Not Text While Driving

It's pretty obvious common sense that one should keep his or her attention 100 percent focused on the road when driving a car (or operating any other sort of heavy machinery).

At this time of year, in some less than ideal road conditions (anyone in the northeastern states can speak on the blizzard conditions, just check out this picture from New York), it's more important than ever to be on high alert when on the road. This means no talking on cell phones, and especially no texting on cell phones!

AT&T has launched a campaign to educate those out there to not use their cell phones in the car. While the word of not talking on the phone has made it out, the new message is that people should never text while on the road.

We're sure that AT&T would love for its customer-base to use more minutes and send more text messages (and probably consume less data), but the telecoms company is sending out this message because it cares – and dead customers are non-paying customers.