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Smelly USB Device Aims to Curb Foul Language

The Pepper Mouth by Ozge Kirimlioglu is a USB device that monitors what you type for bad language and releases a "bad" smell when it detects profanity and other non-PG prose.

When the device detects swearing, its LED lights up, as a warning. Potty-mouthed (or is that -handed?) users who insist on continuing their uncivilized diatribe will eventually start smelling a "disturbing pepper smell". The scent atomizer built into this concept gadget apparently emits an odor so foul, it's adequate punishment for not playing nice.

What's the point? Kirimlioglu wanted to provide a more obvious metaphor for the consequences of communicating without thought online. We've all heard horror stories about people failing to land that dream job—or even losing it—due to bad comments typed out in the heat of the moment.

Questions about The Pepper Mouth's effectiveness, and what kind of ammunition it uses to generate the smell, are moot as of the moment. These photos of Kirimlioglu's creation represent a mock-up of how things should work if an actual prototype was constructed.

Pepper Mouth