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Tech Myths: Boosting Reality

Signal Booster: From Can to Creation

This is not rocket science. Placing the phone alongside the can, I eyeballed the can’s level to roughly equal the phone’s height, and used that spot as my cutting line. This seemed pretty generous given that the BlackBerry’s antenna is actually at the bottom of the phone, but I was trying to stick to the source video’s methods, plus it’s best to be prepared for use with other phones. That’s the Boy Scout motto after all.

With the top off, I bisected the can with two straight cuts down to the can’s bottom then cut off one of the two side panels. If your scissors are like mine, you’ll be left with some very sharp, jagged edges. Just set the tip of your pliers a quarter-inch or so past the can’s edge, grab, and bend as far as you can. Bend the entire edge, then go back and use the pliers to pinch the bent edge as flat as possible. You’ll probably still have some poky spots left, but this should eliminate the slicing edges.

Given that we’re trying to create a reflective dish of sorts, it makes sense that you’d want the phone’s antenna as close to the parabolic center as possible. You also need a way for the phone to stay put without sliding off the bulge in the center of the can’s bottom. So grab a tool and start hammering an oblong dent into the can’s bottom bulge. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to hold the phone steadily in place and upright.