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Sharp Releases Wooden Smartphone

The Japanese really love their wood. That would be the only explanation why, in an age of high-tech super-polymers and multitouch capacitance screens, they still try to find a way to put some wood on their smartphones. It doesn't end with just cases, either: last year Sharp showed off a concept phone with a sleek wooden shell. Fast forward to today, and the concept has finally reached the production line, at least in a market that can appreciate a cypress timber finish.

Sharp will produce 15,000 units of its Touch Wood phone for Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. The polished Shimanto cypress housing means each unit will have its own unique look. Par for the course are the standard smartphone goodies, like a 5 megapixel camera, multitouch screen, smart card expansion slot, and 3G FOMA for Internet connectivity.

These wooden pebbles should come out early next year, so if you find yourself in sushi-land at that time, it'd be a nice souvenir to pick up. No word if it'll come with Angry Birds, but you know birds, they love their wood too.

[source: engadget]