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Berkeley's BOINC Reaches 2B Results Milestone for SETI@Home

BOINC, short for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, has been used by the SETI@Home group since 2008 when Nvidia help to enable the technology through its CUDA interface. Support for AMD GPUs was added in 2009.

As one of the largest and oldest still running distributed computing projects, there are currently about 1.2 million registered BOINC SETI@Home participants (155,000 active) in nearly 60,000 teams from 253 countries who currently deliver about 100,000 results per day. The most generous individual users have contributed dozens of millions results to the project. The average performance delivered is about 540 TFlops.

SETI@Home was founded in 1999 and is still launched by its original team members, David Anderson and Dan Wertheimer, who lead the project. No evidence for alien life has been discovered by SETI@Home yet, but there is the prediction that alien contact could be made before 2024.