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How Pulling Elmo's Head Apart is a Good Thing

Sesame Street has been championing children's education through entertainment for decades. With the use of cartoons, muppets and a few child-friendly grownups, the show teaches kids about numbers, letters, and good old-fashioned family values in a fun, accessible format. Now what they did for TV, Sesame Street wants to do for your computer, with these new video USB drives.

Each drive contains one of Sesame Street's popular edutainment DVDs, from Big Bird's Do the Alphabet to Bert & Ernie's Wordplay. You could also go for some best-of collections of Yoda impersonator Grover, baked-goods-berserker Cookie Monster, and tickle-addict Elmo. A special 25th-anniversary music video rounds out the whole catalog.

The drives themselves are encapsulated in a dust-proof, water-resistant shell designed to look like the star of the featured video, except for the 25th anniversary, which is styled after the Sesame Street's iconic street sign. The shell pulls apart to reveal the USB jack, and the halves are held together with a lanyard. The drives can also be used to store some 400 images or mp3's of your choice.

This will make a great Christmas gift for your little one, or anybody else that's feeling nostalgic about the show.

[source: Sesame Street Store]