Sen.Se Mother Connected Device Monitors Home and Lifestyle

You have a lot on your mind. The Mother wants to take care of you.

No, it's not the premise of a dystopian science fiction story. The Mother is a home automation device that monitors your activity and makes recommendations based on your needs and habits. Announced today, one Mother and four scanning devices, called Motion Cookies, costs $222, with additional sets of four Motion Cookies at $99.

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The product consists of the "Mother" itself, a bowling pin-shaped device that's 6-inches tall and weighs 1 pound. It plugs into your home router via an Ethernet cable; to turn it on, says you'll need to create an online account, then "caress" Mother's face to turn it on and it will smile to indicate the device is active.

Mother wirelessly connects to up to 24 Motion Cookies, which users place around their homes. says these Motion Cookies can be programmed to gather information such as sleep patterns, home security and whether you have coffee in the house. Much like browser cookies track your Web activity and remember your preferences, the Motion Cookies log each time you interact with them and upload their important information, like sci-fi drones to the mothership, to the Mother device.

That data can then be accessed via an app on your computer. says that it protects users' privacy because "all data collected belongs to you."

Look for our hands-on report soon, when we check out the Mother on the show floor at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

The Mother bridges two fast-growing trends in the tech space: connected homes and smart devices. A connected home is one in which all the component parts communicate with each other, usually with a central access hub that owners can use to make changes and set preferences.

Smart devices gather data a human might not be able to keep track of, such as caloric intake, temperature, or household tasks. A smart device can then analyze this data and draw conclusions that it reports back to its owner and uses to guide its own future actions.

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