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Shades of Wii: #SelfieTennis Claims VR Casualties

Selfies can be hazardous to your health, especially when it comes to virtual reality. According to Polygon, many HTC Vive owners are learning that lesson the hard way, thanks to #SelfieTennis. Developed by VRUnicorns and published by Devolver Digital, the game lets you play a game of tennis with yourself.

Once you manage to get the ball over the net, you're suddenly teleported to the other side of the net and tasked with returning the serve to yourself. It seems that over enthusiastic players are skinning hands and banging up controllers in the process of trying to ace themselves.

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The $19.99 game itself isn't difficult -- you don't have to be either of the Williams sisters to have a good time. It's just that once you work up a good rhythm, you tend to forget that you're not outside on a weirdly-colored tennis court. That leads to unleashing your inner John McEnroe in a relatively tiny space, which when combined with a long trailer cable can spell disaster.

I've played a few rounds of #Selfie Tennis and have yet to deal myself or the pricey Vive equipment any serious harm. However since I'm not much of a tennis buff, I'm lucky if I can get two successful volleys going let alone any backhands. But the game is still addictively fun. Despite being transported all over the court, I didn't experience any nausea, which is a good sign for those prone to motion sickness.

Even though they're running the chance of smashing their hand or part of a $799 piece of hardware, I would love to see some of my more talented colleagues take a swing at this title -- just not too hard.