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Self-cleaning Fridge Creates Shopping Lists

If you're like most people, you probably told yourself that you will be less lazy in this new year. You told yourself that you would hit the gym more often, spend less time wasting time, clean up after yourself, and throw out last weeks leftovers from the fridge. These tasks can be a bit intimidating and discouraging but now it looks like there will be a refrigerator that to help ease your worries.

The University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket, Ocado, are collaborating to bring you a refrigerator that will not only keep your food cold, it'll also make shopping lists for you. The shelves of this fridge will use "nano-articulated technology" giving it the ability to move food products around inside of the fridge with the use of an array of micro-tiles.

This technology allows the fridge to monitor the gases of your food moving the soon to be spoiled to the front, where they are easily assessable for disposal. In addition, the fridge can scan the contents of the fridge and create shopping lists, or even automatically order groceries based on the lack of supplies in the fridge.

In addition, there may even be an intelligent trash can to come with the fridge in which the devices will coordinate and communicate based on what food usually gets eaten and what food ends up in the trash.

For someone who doesn't like to take the time to dig through their refrigerator, this may be a dream come true, but considering the aspiring features of this fridge, we wouldn't hold our breath on it coming out any time soon.