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Navy Touts Revolutionary Material to Amplify Force of Weapons

Other than previous and current steel casings, the new material merges with warhead explosives to achieve greater explosive force and "lethality", the Office of Naval Research (ONR) said.

High-Density Reactive Material (HDRM) is expected to replace steel with "little or no compromise in strength or design" and deliver enhanced blast, multiphase blast, and reactive fragments effects. “With the strength of aluminum, density of steel, and more than one and a half times the energy of TNT, HDRM is truly a revolutionary enabling technology,” said Jason Jouet, the development team lead at Naval Surface Warfare Center.

So far, HDRM has only been shown in demonstrated which, apparently, have been successful. However, the ONR said that the experimental design has been fully reproducible and current weapon designs are compatible with HDRM, which suggests that the navy can simply replace steel with this new material.