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Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

Reading just 20 minutes a day for one year exposes children to over a million words and most parents and teachers would agree that it’s important to work this into a daily curriculum. With the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark, there is a very seamless, affordable, and reliable way to track and motivate reading activity with children as young as six. The thin, plastic bookmark slides easily into any size of book, leaving it easy to both close the book without damage to the binding and to find your place later. 

The bookmark easily tracked reading time with both a countdown timer and a cumulative reading session mode. We just pushed the “mode” button to choose our function, and used the simple “hrs” and “min” buttons to set our time goals. This was very similar to setting a clock or a digital watch. Like most digital timers, it can be reset and time start/stops are done quickly with a touch of the larger orange button.

The Mark-My-Time comes in a variety of colors (including neon green, blue, and purple) and runs on a replaceable watch battery. When not used as a reading fluency timer, it displays the time and can track any study subject or hobby, such as music lessons, chemistry labs, or even cooking projects. Note: This bookmark is not recommended for children under age six, due to the size of the included battery.

The Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is available for $8.95 at