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Samsung Launches High-end 4K Ultra HD TV Models

NEW YORK — Samsung first revealed details about its new line of what it calls SUHD TVs at CES 2015 earlier this year, but now consumers will be able to experience the devices firsthand. Samsung today (April 2) announced a full range of SUHD models and pricing, and most of them are available for purchase right now. (SUHD is Samsung's branding of its 4K/ultra HD TV technology, which promises deeper colors and blacks than regular 4K.)

Samsung hosted an event at the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, where it showcased its new TVs and discussed availability. High-end consumers should take note: the S9W, an 82-inch, $16,999 SUHD TV with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and arguably the fanciest TV on display, is not available yet, except as a pre-order.

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What is available now is the JS9500, the flagship of Samsung's SUHD line. With a 65-inch model at $6,499, a 78-inch model at $14,999 and an 88-inch model at $22,999, the curved TV should fit most living rooms, although even the smallest model will require a significant investment of money.

Those who don't want to dish out quite so much cash can look into either the JS9000 or the JS8500. The two models are extremely similar, save that the former is curved, while the latter is flat. The JS9000 comes in 48-inch ($3,499), 55-inch ($3,999) and 65-inch ($4,999) models, while the JS8500 is available at 48 inches ($2,499), 55 inches ($2,999) and 65 inches ($3,999). Both are available now.

If you're rich, but not pressed for time, you may want to keep an eye on the JS9100, which will retail for $9,999 when it debuts in May. This SUHD model measures 78 inches on the diagonal and features a curved screen.

Every TV mentioned will come with Samsung's proprietary SUHD technology, which uses nanocrystals to display vibrant colors and deep blacks. They also run on Samsung's revamped Tizen smart-TV operating system, which gives access to apps like Netflix and YouTube. (Both have 4K content available, which is still a relative rarity.)

For those who want the UHD experience without the state-of-the-art innovation, Samsung also displayed a number of standard UHD (i.e., regular 4K) TVs, which range from 40 inches to 85 inches, and retail for prices between $949 and $9,999. Most are available now, although one model (the JU6700, a curved TV) has no set release date yet.

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